Request for Event or Meeting Space

The parish meeting facilities are always in high demand. It is important to request meeting space in advance to ensure you have enough space to accommodate your meeting or event and that it is set up with the right number of tables and chairs to accommodate your attendees. 

Our Parish facilities are used by many ministries. After your event, please leave any space that you used clean and ready for the next group. If your event occurs on a weekend, you may be asked to prepare the space for the next Faith Formation session. Please check with the office for setup instructions.

If you use the kitchen for any reason, please review the kitchen policy in advance for usage and cleanup rules.

1. What is your organization name?*
2. What is the name of your event, group, or meeting?*
3. What is the purpose of your event? (Example: Bible study, St. Patrick's Day, etc.) *
4. Is this a parish fundraiser? (Yes or No)*
5. If the meeting or event is one time only, provide the date of the meeting or event (mm/dd/yyyy):
5b. What is the event or meeting time? (Example: 11am - 1pm)
6. Requested Facility: *
7. If you requested the Parish Hall, which rooms do you want to reserve?
Please specify how many tables & chairs are needed. (including what size/shape of tables)
**************Complete Questions 8A and 8B only for recurring meetings.**************
8A. Provide all the dates for each month that you need assigned rooms. New assignments begin July 1.
8B What is the event or meeting time? (Example: 11am - 1pm)
*********** All Events ***********
Please provide the following information about who is responsible for picking up a key, clean-up after the meeting or event, and setting up the space for the next Faith Formation class (if necessary).
9. Name of the Responsible Person:*
10. Phone number of the responsible person. (Specify cell or home phone)*
11.Email Address of the responsible person.*
12. Position of the Responsible Person. (Example: Organizer, Ministry Facilitator, etc.)*
13. Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy):*