Ministry or Group Quarterly Report

Father Nick and the Parish Stewardship Council requests all Ministry or Group facilitators to submit a brief report on the status of the ministry or group every three months. All required questions are marked with a red asterisk. If a question is not applicable, you can enter N/A. At the end of the form, click Submit. Tip: Use your TAB key to advance to the next form box.

1. Name of Ministry or Group *
2. Today's Date*
3. Dates of meetings in the last three months *
4. Things to report in the last three months *
5. Approximate number of people in the Ministry or Group*
6. Approximate number of members attending the meetings in the last three months*
7. Dates of upcoming meetings over the next three months, and locations of the meetings *
8. What activities are planned for the Ministry or Group over the next three months? *
9. Does anything need to be specially advertised through the church bulletin and/or the church website over the next three months? (If so, what?) *
10. Does the Ministry or Group have any events planned out more than three months? (If so, what and when?) *
11. Does the ministry or group have any special needs or requests that it would like to communicate to Father Nick, the Parish Staff or the PSC? *
12. Name and contact information (phone/email) of person completing this form *