Paving Project

Soon Saint Gregory the Great will embark on resurfacing our parking lot; a project that is made possible by the overage from the Annual Catholic Appeal donations!

Tuesday, August 8:  Asphalt Repairs

With any concrete repair, figure out what caused the damage, do the necessary preparation of removing any unsound concrete and contamination, then install a repair designed to solve the problem. 

Wednesday, August 9:  Sweep & Clean
Thursday, August 10:  Fill Cracks

Asphalt hot rubber crack filling will prevent water from getting into cracks and eroding the foundation causing potholes and larger cracks.


Monday, August 14: Sealcoat Phase 1 Thursday, August 17:  Sealcoat Phase 2

Sealcoating is a true "Barrier coat" between asphalt surfaces and the destructive elements. The barrier keeps the redeeming properties of asphalt sealed in to prolong the pavement life and preserve its functional properties.

During the paving project, portions of the lot will be unavailable for parking. We ask Parishioners to avoid the area surrounded by construction barriers for their safety. Thank you for your understanding and patience with the inconveniences that come with construction. For more information, please contact the parish office.

Contact:  Parish Office • 858-653-3540 •